Conference Schedule

Woman’s Journey
is women in AA and Al-Anon
sharing their journey toward recovery and spiritual renewal.


Friday – Sunday

December 2 – 4, 2021

Mo Ranch R Hunt, TX



Speaker Meeting

7:30 pm     Main Auditorium...Retreat Welcome

A.A. Speaker:  Hayley H.
McKinney TX   30 years in recovery
Home Group: Sisters in Sobriety


 10 pm    Main Auditorium...Karaoke!

Take the main stage for your moment in the WJ spotlight. What’s your go-to song?


10:15 pm    Manor House Living Room...Candlelight meeting led by Linda McG.



6:30 am   Morning Yoga with Kristi S

Manor House Living Room


7 am   Guided Meditation with Inga

weather permitting: Ramada Arbor (near swimming pool)

Alternate location:  Manor House Conference Room (not the dorm)


7:30-8:30 am   King Dining Hall   Breakfast



Main Auditorium . . . Detaching with Love

led by Laura S. and Sparkle


Cow Barn 1 . . . Relaxation: Upon Awakening

led by Terris T.


Cow Barn 3 . . . Enjoying Life on Life’s Terms

led by Linda McG. and Gwen M.


Manor House Conference Room . . .

Forgiving Ourselves: Journey to Self-Trust through Self Knowledge

*Bring your picture of your younger self!

led by Melissa E. and Kristi S.



Main Auditorium . . . Bring the Body and the Mind will Follow— Keep Coming Back

led by Renee S. and Selena H.


Cow Barn 1 . . . Living in the Now

led by Tara V. and Kate S.


Cow Barn 3 . . . Happy, Joyous & Free

led by Hayley H. and Linda S.


Manor House Conference Room . . .

Forgiving Ourselves: Journey to Self-Trust through Self-Knowledge

led by Marlo M. and Lisa P.


11am-1pm   King Dining Hall   Lunch



Main Auditorium . . . Identify, Don’t Compare: Getting Right-Sized

led by Jennifer K. and Karen U.


Cow Barn 1 . . . meet up spot to Walk the Labyrinth

with Rose R.


Cow Barn 3 . . . Enjoying Life on Life’s Terms

led by Karen I.

Manor House Conference Room . . . Restoration to Sanity

led by Irma M. and Jill F.


2:45pm up to Dinner Time   FREE TIME

Use this time to go on a walk and explore Mo Ranch (hike up to the big cross on the hill or explore the prayer tank.) Take a refreshing nap. Feel like a river adventure? Recreation equipment for outdoor activities is available to checkout at the guest services desk in the Mabee Building. It is free and on a first-come-first-serve basis.

3 pm   Main Auditorium . . . Write a Love Letter to You!
Bring the supplies from your registration goody bag to be guided in writing a love letter to yourself.
led by Inga K.

5 pm   Main Auditorium . . . Body Scrub
Treat yourself and enhance your self-care routine by creating your own body scrub!
led by Clarissa and Suzie


5:30-7pm   King Dining Hall   Dinner


Speaker Meeting

7:30 pm   Main Auditorium

Al-Anon Speaker:  Paola P
Home Group: Northwest Al-Anon Family Group
San Antonio TX   5 years in recovery

9:30 pm    Fire pit Meeting at the river led by Sarah C. and Charlie

9:30 pm    Main Auditorium Candlelight meeting led by Karen I.



6:30 am   Manor House Living Room
Morning Yoga with Kristi
7 am   Main Auditorium
Guided Meditation with Trisha G.


8 am   King Dining Hall   Breakfast


Speaker Meeting

9:30 am     Main Auditorium

A.A. Speaker:  Anita M.
San Antonio, TX    11 years sober
Home Group: Design for Living



Karen U.